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Welcome to the River Journal!  My name is Mike Bone  I've made my living as a full time fly fishing guide here in East Tennessee for over twenty years. If you are interested in our current rates, or how to contact me about a float,  please click on the guide information section to the right. If you have questions, comments,  suggestions, or something you would like to contribute to these pages email me at, or by signing the guestbook at the top of this page. I'd be happy to hear from you. Thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoy the read..Mike Bone




For my first post I'm going to forgo the normal fish picture and share a photo taken by my friend Peter while we were on the way to a smallmouth trip recently. If any of you out there thought you had bad parents you need to check this out!! We could hardly believe our eyes..on a blind curve..double yellow line..


 Yep saw that right! One way to save money on asphalt, and tuition!


This was recently shown to me by my friend and guide partner Bob Durham and it's great stuff! So for my first DIY contribution I thought I would pass it along. We use it to treat dry flys, especially CDC dries, and to treat our strike indicator yarn. It is the best floatant I've ever used even if it may constitute a fire hazard! To make flyagra you will need Alobolene make up comes in a white jar with a blue lid and can be purchased at most Walgreens or any other store that sells make up products. Second you will need a bottle of good old fashioned lighter fluid..the kind your parents used in their Zippo lighter. Last, a mixing bowl you will never want to use for anything else..


Scoop out some Albolene into the mixing bowl, I usually do about a tablespoon or so and place it in a microwave for about 15 seconds. This warms it up and helps it to start melting a bit, then add about twice the amount of lighter fluid as Albolene, maybe a little more, it doesn't have to be exact. You just want it to be liquid and look relatively clear, not like a paste. That's it! Soak whatever you want to treat in it and squeeze out the excess, after it dries it doesn't stink as bad and it will make things float just about all day. I've been using it all season, especially on strike indicator yarn, with great results, prompting many of our guests to ask where I got the stuff. Give it a try, and no, I didn't make up the name.

Next up:

Clinch river Fall fishing run down and wooden drift boats! I've built several of them and considering building another..this was the first one that started it all for me, recently restored and back on the Clinch with it's new owner John Morris of Nashville.




















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