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All I can say is NICE! On the river yesterday with long time client and good friend Kae Lakenan and her fishing buddy Marsha. Nothing like fishing in short sleeves at the end of February! Kae is a terror on trout with nymphs and dry flies, but despite my best advice to the contrary, has been bitten hard by the high water streamer bug! ;)

Our first trip a couple of weeks ago resulted in a large brown grabbing the fly, rolling on the surface just long enough to give us the finger, and throwing the fly back in our face! Not one to take such treatment lying down, Kae was back for more yesterday! The fish were not very active as a whole, with very few chasing the fly,  but as is most often the case in the world of high water streamers..persistance pays! After what seemed like the 4000th cast to promising water Kae announces "He's got it!" a few minutes later with encouragement from both Marsha and myself, which she did not need, he was in the net. A beautiful male.

The rest of the day resulted in a few more follows, a nice rainbow taken on a technique some would describe as trolling but we dedicated fly fishers call "leisurely swimming the fly" and the day was over.

A beautiful day on the water, great company, a nice one in the bag, and knowing my buddy Kae..bad news for the big browns in the future!!

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